Balkan meets latin

I had the opportunity to help a bit and make the poster 
for this event that the kindest group put together to help the victims 
of the earthquakes in Mexico. 

Her hairyness

Short hand drawn animation 

De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté

Handmade embroidered heart on a silver net pendant 
950 recycled silver and organic cotton

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Title: "De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté" (from beating, my heart stopped)
 is a French movie by Jacques Audiard. 

Valley of the hearts

I was lucky to be invited to work again with the Danish Author and Mindfulness expert Gitte Winter Graugraard. And what a journey it has been... In her new book, Hjerternes Dal (Valley of the hearts), she delivers a set of meditations for children that might help parents as well. At least they worked wonders for me in the process of drawing for the book. 
There's also a creative set of black and white illustrations in the back of the book that I'm sure will make for happy little artists at home. 
The book is out in Danish and by the end of the year we'll be able to read it in English as well. Interested in other languages? Tell Gitte because she listens! Go to and drop her a line. 
You can get the ebook here and follow Gitte's endeavours with Room for Reflection in Danish here and English here
Here's a few random visuals of the process: 

Creative meetings with Gitte
Photo: Room For Reflection

Creative process
Photo: Room For Reflection

    One of the chapters "The fire dancers"

                           A part of the colouring book 

The making of Ørnefjer (Eagle feather)


I've been experimenting with new media and found that paper cutting is just my thing. I could do it until my fingers drop.
Right now I'm working on some personal pieces and taking commissions at the same time.
Send me a line if you want to do something together:

This last one was a commission for a special person. A young girl who just survived a lung transplant and wanted reminder of who helped her hold onto to life: 


A collaboration for the brand identity of, the Danish network for teachers and mindfulness professionals.

Photos: Momo Academy 


This was a collaboration with the Danish author Gitte Winter Graugaard. The book holds 4 beautiful meditations for children and is sold in 3 languages so far: Danish, English and Spanish. Inquire more at



Graphite and watercolors.

Set of self-portraits I made while I was supposed to draw something else.

Title: E. Schrödinger 


Embroidered hand drawn pillows. 

Welcome to Denmark

Embroidered friendly faces 

Wax dipped leaves and a stick, my kind of sunny end-of-the-winter-Scandinavian-day. 


I don't know why, but I made this stuffed bear (I hope it's a bear). 


Pen on notebook 

A young Isis

Grafito en papel 

When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree, you have not seen them all...

iPhone self-portrait in Tumbes - Peru 


Digital Photography 

A kind of beauty

Finger on iPad 

A different season

Finger in iPad 


Finger on iPad 

Les Enfants Terribles...

Mixed media on paper 

Free fall

Pencil on paper 

Bear addicted

Pencil on paper 

At the top...

Collage and illustration 

Poetry necklace

Ink on paper

Bear studies

 Pencil on paper and stone