Woody Allen entrevista a Elsie Ralston para la revista Etiqueta Cero
Sábado 10 de octubre de 2009, 4:16 a. m.

WA: hi Elsie
ER: oh my god, it's really you!
WA: of course it's me, who else would stay up so late to please your ego?
ER: I guess you are right...
WA: duh, you think?
ER: ok, ok.
WA: so what's up?
ER: is it going to be in english all the time?
WA: I don't speak spanish as far as I remember...
ER: ok then.
WA: where were we?
ER: dunno... I liked that sentence though, "where were we", is it grammatically correct?
WA: ok, look kiddo, are we going to do it or not?
ER: you tell me, Woody... Oh gosh, I just adore saying your name, Woody. Such a cool name you have, Woody. Aw! what a big piece of wood you got there, Woody! My friend Andrea would write it down like "Wudi", or "Gudi"... "Gudi Alien" she would say...
WA: oh my... Ok, ok you bawdy peruvian, I thought it could be funny to joke around my old sexual habits, but you are not interested.
ER: What?
WA: "ok kiddo... are we going to do-it?"
ER: oh... I see. Not so funny in fact, Woody.
WA: Elsie, our interview is going badly. I'm going to try something lame, but still, everybody loves me so it will rock. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind after I say the following words: Man
ER: you
WA: Elsie
ER: me
WA: wood
ER: penis
WA: penis
ER: you
WA: you
ER: me
WA: genious
ER: you
WA: stupid
ER: you
WA: horse
ER: penis
WA: cat
ER: me
WA: furry
ER: cat
WA: hairy
ER: you
WA: glasses!
ER: you!
WA: fingers!
ER: you!
WA: awww!
ER: sex!
WA: no, I wasn't expecting a word, it's an expression Elsie, you are impossible!
ER: are you leaving, Woody?
WA: yes I'm leaving!
ER: but I thought it was going great, Woody.
WA: ...
ER: Woody?