He was more fragile than what I thought
has emptied all his treasures in the bed

and tells stories like a pirate's deeds

He just asked me
for where do I keep him
and I can barely look at the screen
rest my feet into the armchair in front
and watch
there goes by
my life under the stalls

I keep him like a talisman
in my fear
and I love
I show my scar for him to contemplate
has changed its shape and looks like a yearn

I keep him like a handful of dust
to squeeze it all and compact
because time passes and words come down on us
and he dreams underneath those clouds that look like my sponges
while I imagine the garden we will look after
a garlands aquarium
with open embraces and cinema armchairs
and the foam sprouting from within me

I love the love that watches me like a nervous animal
projects my life with a golden halo of dust on the screen

I imagine the garden
and what will be his aged hand
touching my cold knee
and then
I will point out that I love
his incomplete body and mine