Joan of Arc interviews Elsie Ralston In the lobby of Elsie’s dentist consulting room. Viernes 5 de marzo de 2010
JA: Elsie…
ER: Joan…
JA: How are you?
ER: I’m good, I like dentist visits and besides, I just threw away a lot of trash so I feel really good.
JA: How come?
ER: There’s nothing I enjoy more than throwing away things.
JA: What did you throw out?
RR: magazines, books, clothes, electronics… stuff. Hey, what is like being dead and all?
JA: I can’t tell you.
ER: well, ok… Is it too abstract for me to understand?
JA: No.
ER: Is it Biblical?
JA: No, not really.
ER: Okay… I will not ask again. But… Do you talk to a lot of living people?
JA: Do you talk to a lot of dead people?
ER: Actually I do.
JA: Why?
ER: Because I like things I can’t touch. But also because I find them highly interesting.
JA: Who you’ve talked to?
ER: I spoke to Gandhi in a dream. We were sitting next to each other waiting for a fashion show to start and he asked me what it is I do. I explained him my work in non profits and was quite impressed. Then I told him how I’m changing to follow my artistic drive, but he was not interested and asked me for a cigarette.
JA: Yes, he is such a puritan...
ER: You’ve met him in the after-life?
JA: Of course.
ER: And???
JA: And what? This is why I didn’t want to talk about it. I hate talking about dead people, and their habits. They’re dead, this is it for them, us... We will never change our personas.
And Gandhi is just asking for it… that nerd. He keeps confusing me with Noah’s wife, you know, because of the Arc.
ER: I understand. Is there anything you like about the after-life?
JA: Well, that would have to be the slow motion. Is just funky when you’re having good moments and you can press this button… Aw… Really, I waited my entire life to do that.
ER: Sounds juicy… Well, Joan, can you give some advice for what’s left for me here?
JA: I don’t wanna. Go ask your beloved Gandhi.