Hola, hello and hej 👋

I’m Elsie, a Peruvian consultant and creative based in Copenhagen.

I work in the digital design industry, a fast-paced environment mostly driven by technology. However, I actively seek to inspire individuals and organizations to slow down from the bombardment of information we’re targeted with, in order to create space for reflection and meaningful connection with others, to ignite curiosity and to foster empathy that transcends the boundaries of cultural and socioeconomic differences.

Having worked in the non-profit and private sector in Latin America, and consulting in fundraising, marketing, project design, and management in Europe, I bring a unique and inclusive perspective and experience.

I’m passionate about sustainability, the inclusion of minorities, and reaching equality for girls and women. I'm an autodidact who is also interested in the intersection of design and foresight to create sustainable systems for people and the planet. 


I was the Program Manager and Head of LATAM at Design Matters. There, I designed, curated, and organized conferences about digital design in Latin America. I also wrote and edited an online magazine, created content for social media, and made sure to fund activities through PR and partnerships with like-minded organizations. All of this while keeping my drive for Diversity Equity and Inclusion intact.

Doing field work in Peru while working at CARE.org

At CARE, one of the largest humanitarian organizations fighting global poverty, I occupied the role of Fundraising & Communications Director in Peru, and I was a member of the Executive Team and the Board of Directors in representation of the staff.  I lead organizational change by merging the Communications and Fundraising areas, all while drafting and executing a new brand strategy targeting funding from the private sector (in addition to institutional funding), and coordinating our participation in multiple national and international projects, like Girl Rising (here's an article about it)

At a human settlement, working with TECHO.org

I played a pivotal role in the inception of TECHO.org (the largest youth organization in LATAM fighting poverty), where I played several roles, the last being General Manager.  

Carved paper works

As an artist, I’ve illustrated best-selling children’s books, organized street interventions, curated art exhibitions, developed a sustainable jewelry line, hosted papercutting workshops, among other initiatives.

Consulting & Collaboration

I work with organizations to create impact throughout ideation processes, strategy, research, project management, fundraising, brand communications, PR, content design, and event management. I’m open to engage in new projects, and more so if they have a DEI component. 

Reach out if you want to collaborate!

Get in touch at elsie@elsieralston.com

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